Do you know your options? There are many types of feeding consultants. IBCLC, LC, LLLE, LE. It can all be a little overwhelming. While technically being an LE (Lactation Educator) that particular title just doesn't feel right. It still feels very breast oriented. Don't get me wrong, boobs are great at feeding babies! But there are more ways. And nobody is teaching these other ways with the same amount of information or passion. We aim to give ALL options to ALL families, no matter how non traditional you may consider yourselves. And it isn't just about what is going in. With a focus on the sanity of the caregivers and a family oriented team environment we set ourselves apart.

(We still help with boobs too.)


What we are

Started by a mother passionate about ending stigma and shaming around something that should be so simple. Full Circle was created to be the first multi sided, judgement free, consultation service for growing families. Over the years we have found a drastic gap in the education process and resources readily provided to families from those helping us make some crucial decisions. We are here to bridge that gap. We have seen and aided in many circumstances of families confused or downright lost.

What we are not

We are not lactation consultants, IBCLC or otherwise. As the name implies, they tend to be a tad one sided.

We are not nurses. Some issues do require medical intervention. We will not hesitate to tell you when to go get checked out for your own good.

We are not a large corporation.

We are not affiliated with formula companies. Though we can lead you through the choices they provide.

We are not sponsored by any one brand. Though anecdotal and technical information may be provided should circumstances be appropriate.

We are not judgemental.


$60 ----- Initial 2 hour Consult
$40 ----- Price per Hour
$100+ --- Group sessions
$45 ----- Video Consult

Pricing discounts applied when purchasing 5 sessions or more. Video consultation is limited to evenings only, but provided around your schedule and may be available later at night. Video consults will take place via Facebook Video Chat. All prices in Canadian Dollars.